Monday, 23 December 2013

Color pencil sketching

This is my first color pencil sketching after a long time and I made a sketch of my favorite car from the company"ASTON MARTIN" which is my favorite from my game NFS:Most Wanted.

This is my time to create one of my long waited sketch of my favorite art which I saw from a art community and i had tried it to do it with color pencils and hope I had justified it.

I had tried to sketch one of my favorite English country singer Taylor Swift using color pencils and i am in my developing phase.Take care friends and Merry Christmas to ALLL

This is one of my favorite color sketch and i thank the artist who had made the original model.

Today I made a sketch of a heroine  but couldnt get it right.I hope i would improve in future.

Today I opted to draw my favorite villian of Cinema history and it's none other than "THE JOKER" .THe man behind the makeup is Heath Ledger and may his soul rest in peace.

Today i had made a sketch inspired from fellow artist's work and thanks to SOMIAHDAGHER.

Today is a special day for me especially due to PONGAL CELEBRATIONS and I had a chance to sketch a model and i am happy with it but to be honest I doesn't know where to place this art.Whether in pencil sketching or color pencil work . So I am posting it here atlast.
Happy Pongal to all

Today i had made a fast sketch of lips and this would be my last sketch of my pongal holidays.

Today I had made a color sketch of Queen of POP "Madonna" and it's a great experience to sketch it

Today I had made my first characterization effort and this is my dream girl's first look. Hope to improve later.

Today I had made my new work on Deepika Padukone. I know that I failed to bring it real but I hope to improve in future.Practice makes a man perfect.

Today I had made an attempt to draw my favorite photo of a cute little girl and I am happy at my finished product.

Today I had made a sketch of actress:Anjelina Julie: and her eyes were the highlight of the image

Today I had sketched a girl and I dedicate it to all womens around the world.
Happy women's day

Today I drew with color after a long time and it turned too cool to sketch iguana.

Today I drew with color after a long time and it turned too cool to sketch a frog.

Today i had sketched a portrait of a model after a long time and i feel pleasure to handle color pencils to sketch.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

My workshop

Empty mind is devil's workshop and that was an best proverb I'd heard. Today I am proud and happy from my bottom of my heart because i had made my handicraft after a  long time and this time i am bit disappointed at the start because of the insufficient materials to do this especially "Brushes". So I had made a pen stand made out of Cardboard (It can be made out of waste cardboard box or a greeting card,etc) and fabric color to do your dream work.A glue and a tape would be handy.So why waste time guys create your own craft on your time.Gear up guys. Turn the waste into crafts.

Today I had made a pen stand with waste batteries and here is how it looks.

Today I had sketched  my phone's back cover with permanent marker.

Friday, 1 November 2013

The greatest of Dad's-My King-My Dad

My version is little different and it is mere opposite to the Tamil proverb "Kaakaikum tan kunju pon kunju"  from my perception,I prefer may dad as the greatest among all the dad's available on this mother Earth.It may look insane but the journey of my life depicts and stay as a live evidence to stand for that quote from me.We all know that every man on this earth would be in his highest peak of happiness when he get his life partner and after that great thing he would feel as the king of this world when he becomes a DAD of a child.He could be either a King for a prince or a King of princess but he would remain as the king forever.

I had longed so much for a time travel because it could have make me to see me my father's happiness when i was born but it never happened.He had given his best to serve my purposes and needs.He may had punished me at sometimes but it's not a punishment given from the heart.It is the fathers concern for a child to become a good human being in this world.He held me in his shoulders so that I may see the places which was not seen by him.He held my hands all over the time in my
child hood days so that i go missed.He may have not conceived me in his stomach but in his heart.

I am the dream,I am the target,I am the happiness for him but when I/We come to teenage something happening in a metabolic process and our surroundings make us to avoid and hesitate to talk to our father(As mother would be easily accessible).He may have not shown his love for me directly but i believe that men are more of a conserved type and he lack the quality of expressing his love in a timely manner.Due to introduction of friendship and their circles, I tend to forget that there are two hearts waiting and longing for me in our home.I miss to have a quality time with my DAD and i take a oath today to be a prince for my King

He is the leader and he is the one and only hero of my own kingdom.He taught me to walk,speak,sing,draw,play,etc and to make a important point in this post that he is the one who taught me the need for a humanity and kind heart.He taught me discipline and its importance.He remained my role model throughout my life. After the high school, he is  the one who had a hassle in selection of good college and arranging money for our graduation and now I'm in my final year in Automobile Engineering and i am confident that i would satisfy his needs and fulfill his dreams.He had been the stones which i step over to a attain my success and i dedicate this blog to my dear DAD-King Of Kings

Lets see what our people do to their parents:
After our graduation,When we become self employed and get salary we completely ignore them because we don't have to depend on them for money.Then the selection of a life partner is a great one which every parent would dream off but we have some other ideas and prefer a girl of our wish without informing them.We even start  ignoring them for silly reasons and some of them even join their parents i old age homes which can be the greatest sin for a man.Some treat them as slaves which should be changed.If even one reader benefits from my blog,I will be a happy man on Earth.

So i pledge all readers to love their parents and don't miss your HERO
Soon i would draw my hero and post it here.

As I had said before,Here is my sketching of my DAD ............


Saturday, 19 October 2013

Perspective sketches and part sketches

Today I had made my first attempt on perspective view of a landscape and Please pour in your suggestions to enhance it.

Today I had made a sketch of a perspective view of a sports car and it came out really well :)

Today I decided to go viral with a sketch of myself after many years and I am happy with my output.

Date: 29/03/2014
Today I had made a sketch of one of my favorite car Audi in a perspective way and I am happy to do it in my home

Date: 07/04/2014
Today i had sketched my own hand i am quite happy with the output

Date: 10/04/2014
Today I had made a sketch stressing about the importance of peace keeping. Hope you guys enjoy and like my fb page:

Today I had made a quick sketch to spread awareness on voting right.Hope you also vote for change.

Date: 24/04/2014
Today I had sketched one of my best and favorite bike Royal Enfield.I am extremely happy with the output I had achieved.

Today I had sketched a hand posture.

Today I am tooooooooooooo happy that i am improving a lot in  terms of pencil sketching. I drew corvette car on brusto art paper and it really came well

Today i drew a vintage car named #BUFORI and i used grid line technique for better positioning.

Today I drew a upclose view of a stone which i captured using my Sony Cybershot and my plan to sketch it realistic has came out well.

Face upclose

Pencil sketch of my favorite actress shriya saran. Saree makes a girl to a perfect women.Do you agree?

Date :19/10/2013
Pencil sketch of my favorite footballer David Beckham .His charismatic looks can't be matched and i don't have words to express his playing skills .

lara croft's TOMB RAIDER is one of the best action game i had ever played and the character has a great caliber and look which inspired me to take time to draw her figure.Hope you love it.

This time i had came up with a pencil sketch of the actress Amrita Rao who had acted in the films like "Main Hoon Na" and "Vivah" and i dedicate it to my fellow CEan @Harshad Italiya  who was the Godfather in Crazyengineers community.

Once again my favorite heroine Shriya saran sensatioal in Saree and bride pose.I tried my best and here is the outcome of the sketching before my exam.

This time its again a shriya saran special in Salwar Kameez with powerful eyecatching pose.


This time its not a regular sketching of any Hero or Heoine but I came up with a chinese girl dreaming about the future in front of her and her sadness being reflected in her eyes.

This time i had came up with a pencil sketch of my friend Balaji. Luckily and fortunately he is my first live model who posed for me to draw.I take this occasion to thank him for his patience and cooperation.

Its a beautiful night before my exam and i take my sketching as a stress buster and Aiswariya rai  been the heartthrob for many youngsters including me and I take this opportunity and dedicate it to her.

Date :02/12/13
Its my study holiday for my last exam Finite element analysis and I take a deep breath to take a little rest and my hands searched for Pencils after a long time and I made a sketch of a young women .

Its Thalaivar Birthday and today Night I had decided to draw a special one and its here ........Its a half traditional and half westernized women's look.

Its a beautiful friday night and Shriya Sarans look in Kandaswamy make me go crazy so I dedicate it to my sweet heart Shriya Saran.

Its dark out there and I am listening to some thriller genere radio show about some god and i am doing my sketch of a model which was cut from a front cover of Deccan Chronicle was I had planned a long ago but this happened today  only.Hope you love all.

This is my favorite time to draw without any disturbance and sounds of insects act as background play for my sketching .I tried to draw Kajal Agarwals photo in a nice Salwar Kameez still.I love to draw girls especially those beautiful eyes.

Today I had managed to darw my favorite dance icon who was considered as the Indian Michael Jackson, Mr.PrabhuDeva. 

I had made my sketching on my favorite organ of the body and i believe in the Tamil Proverb "Agathin Azhagu Mugathil Theriyum" and I dedicate this eye to all of my friends who really speaks truth both in front and behind me about me.Thanks to all my friends who had made my life so colorful. Thanks to God to make this happen.

This time i had came up with a close range sketch of a face and fine detailing on shadowing.Hope you like it.

This is a sketch of my favorite actress Amy Jackson from the film "Madarasapattinam" and She looks stunning especially with those cutey beauty eyes.

This is my sketch on my favorite Game central character "Tomb Raider" and I am quite attracted towards the gameplay and one of the best action game I had tried.

Today I am very very happy with my work and it took me sooooo long to finish it and I had made a sketch of a duo of Bharathanatiyam Dancers.

Today I had made a sketch of a model sitting on a table end and hope I am improving....

Today I had made an attempt to draw my favorite footballer Mr.David Beckam and I know that i had drawn little narrow face but hope to improve latter.

Today I had made a sketch of a model and I am happy that this is my last sketch of this Year and I am pretty confident that My work on Pencil sketching will continueeeeeeee.


Today I had made a sketch and i am happy that i am improving a lot with day to day practice.

Today I made a sketch of a model and its little different from normal pose and i hope I had justified my work.

Today I had made a sketch of my favorite portrait drawn by some unknown artist and I loved it so much that had influenced me to make a sketch of it.

Today I had made my favorite sketch of Tyrian Lannister character from the TV serie "GAme of thrones:

Today I had made a sketch of my favorite Game hero "Lara Croft" the Tomb Raider.

Today I had made a sketch of my favorite heroine "Shriya Saran" of Sivaji fame and I think I made it good.

Today I drew a upclose portrait of favorite actress Jayapradha and Its a still from Salangaioli.

Today I had made an attempt to draw without any reference photo and I ended in below.

Today I had sketched a baby photo and I dedicate it to my dear sister.

Date: 05/04/2014
Today I had sketched a long time favorite heroine Silk Smitha and I am disappointed with my output but I am happy that I made a try on her.

Date: 6/4/14
Today I had sketched a pic of a model asnd I am pretty happy that I had made it pretty decent.

Today I had made a sketch of gorgeous and sensational cute actress tapsee.

Today I had sketched a pic without any reference and I am improving a lot

Today I had sketched a girl's face without any reference with new hair style.

Today I had sketched a girl's face with new hair style.Hope It is beautiful.

Today I had sketched a pic of Pritika(Brother's daughter) and it turned out so well that i am in cloud nine.
Today I am damn happy that i had sketched my dream girl Shriya Saran and its a second time i am sketching her same pic after 2 yrs. Its end result is making me happpy.

Today I had sketched a face of a little girl

Today I had sketched a women sports racer Ms Alyssa Abdhulla.

Today I drew my all time favorite Shriya Saran and i am so happy for my lovely actress.

Today i sketched  a beautiful actress #Anaushka and she is fantastic in ethnic wear especially saree

Today I am super happy that the art which i made today came very well and its none other than my favorite Hollywood actor #KevinSpacey who had won two Oscars for his acting in #TheUsualSuspects and #AmericanBeauty.

Today I was searching for a reference picture and i found this awesome CHIMPANZEE with cute eyes.

Date: 3/8/14
Today i drew one of my favorite actress Vedhika- an accomplished dancer who had made a terrific acting in Paradesi film.