Friday, 1 November 2013

The greatest of Dad's-My King-My Dad

My version is little different and it is mere opposite to the Tamil proverb "Kaakaikum tan kunju pon kunju"  from my perception,I prefer may dad as the greatest among all the dad's available on this mother Earth.It may look insane but the journey of my life depicts and stay as a live evidence to stand for that quote from me.We all know that every man on this earth would be in his highest peak of happiness when he get his life partner and after that great thing he would feel as the king of this world when he becomes a DAD of a child.He could be either a King for a prince or a King of princess but he would remain as the king forever.

I had longed so much for a time travel because it could have make me to see me my father's happiness when i was born but it never happened.He had given his best to serve my purposes and needs.He may had punished me at sometimes but it's not a punishment given from the heart.It is the fathers concern for a child to become a good human being in this world.He held me in his shoulders so that I may see the places which was not seen by him.He held my hands all over the time in my
child hood days so that i go missed.He may have not conceived me in his stomach but in his heart.

I am the dream,I am the target,I am the happiness for him but when I/We come to teenage something happening in a metabolic process and our surroundings make us to avoid and hesitate to talk to our father(As mother would be easily accessible).He may have not shown his love for me directly but i believe that men are more of a conserved type and he lack the quality of expressing his love in a timely manner.Due to introduction of friendship and their circles, I tend to forget that there are two hearts waiting and longing for me in our home.I miss to have a quality time with my DAD and i take a oath today to be a prince for my King

He is the leader and he is the one and only hero of my own kingdom.He taught me to walk,speak,sing,draw,play,etc and to make a important point in this post that he is the one who taught me the need for a humanity and kind heart.He taught me discipline and its importance.He remained my role model throughout my life. After the high school, he is  the one who had a hassle in selection of good college and arranging money for our graduation and now I'm in my final year in Automobile Engineering and i am confident that i would satisfy his needs and fulfill his dreams.He had been the stones which i step over to a attain my success and i dedicate this blog to my dear DAD-King Of Kings

Lets see what our people do to their parents:
After our graduation,When we become self employed and get salary we completely ignore them because we don't have to depend on them for money.Then the selection of a life partner is a great one which every parent would dream off but we have some other ideas and prefer a girl of our wish without informing them.We even start  ignoring them for silly reasons and some of them even join their parents i old age homes which can be the greatest sin for a man.Some treat them as slaves which should be changed.If even one reader benefits from my blog,I will be a happy man on Earth.

So i pledge all readers to love their parents and don't miss your HERO
Soon i would draw my hero and post it here.

As I had said before,Here is my sketching of my DAD ............