Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Black and White(A white chalk art arena)

Today I had sketched my favorite character King Kong and I am using white chalk for the first time in black chart as base.

Today I had made a sketch of iconic cricketer of the ERA Mr. Sachin Tendulkar- My all time favorite Batsman

Today i had made three sketches and I am damn happy with the Madonna sketch.Other two were small experimentation without any reference.

Today I went to  learn some basics on shadowing.Hope to improve further.

After a long gap, I tried my white chalk on black base and it turned so beautiful with black and white shades.

Today I drew a white wolf as a experimentation for the first time and it really came out well.

Today I drew my all time favorite actor Heath Ledger of JOKER fame who stunned all the fans with his acting in Batman film.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Charcoal sketches

Today I had sketched my all time favorite actress #ShriyaSaran and i am pretty happy that the sketch of mine came well. I referred to a old pic where she is absolutely cute and chubby.
My fb artpage

\Today I had sketched a pic of #DiyaSonecha a cute little angel who starred in many ads and films.
I loved this little from Airtel Ad.
My fb art page

Today I had sketched my uncle's son Sujith and this pic is something special where he tried to eat a apple which is bigger than his mouth.

Today I had sketched a face with anger and its the first time that I am trying out a  emotion on face

Today I had made a sketch of my one and only Amma(MOM)
I love my mom!!!

Today I draw a beautiful boy and I am damn happy towards the output

Today I drew hair upclose with the help of a reference and I used charcoal to make it realistic
and natural