Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ball point pen sketches of most handsome men

I had a very little time for my sketching but I had used it with my maximum efficiency.Today I had decided to go with most handsome men Danush.Hope you love it.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Phase 2 of ball point sketches

Its a awesome sunday and this good mood drives me mad to sketch and the picture of Priyanka Chopra posing model for a  jewelry deemed to be a perfect model for me.So this is what I have drawn.I am learning day by day and hope it fulfill my dreams.......Hit like if you like and encourage this tough young man.Meet you with my next venture.

As I had promised you here is my next venture.I found the watch ad in which the model seem to be very influencing hence I opted it to sketch.Hope you love it.
At last but not least , Here is my last art of the day.I finished it at 11.00pm.So I would like to share it here friends.Its non other than Squash sensation Deepika Pallical.Hope I sketched it decent.Still learning .........

Today I had made my ball point sketch after a long time and this is done in my class room during my free time.I had referred no photo but all from mu mind.

Date: 29/03/2014
Today I had sketched a wild hunter inspired from Rambo and I sketched  it using red ball point pen

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ball point pen sketches

Today is a fine Saturday morning and when I was flipping over the newspaper I found the picture of Katrina Kaif posing for the Diamond Jewelry to be more sensational and beautiful. So I opted to draw it with my passionate hand but luck failed me. I don’t have a pencil with me. So I was forced to draw with my ball point pen. Hope  everyone like it. I had also drawn our national animal – Tiger with blue and red ball point pen. Feel free  to criticize as it can help me in nurturing…………
Thanks for watching. Keep visiting for more works from me…..

Love you all………..

My Hostel life

I had already promised that I will be back with my Hostel life post and here it is for you. All of us who had a chance to be at hostel would have experienced those beautiful memories. The memories include happier birthday’s , cultural , Hostel day, and many fights. My hostel is where I  found my real power, strength and weakness. It helped me evolve to a real man. I learnt the meaning of real friendship, fake friendship, sharing and adaption to new environment. I fear that this is going to end as I am now pursuing my final year B.E Automobile Engineering. Though my hostel lack basic amenities, I still prefer hostel over home for the sole purpose of enjoying the real world-my world where I am free to explode. All will have to go on to the next part i.e. job , marriage, children ,etc. So  I dedicate my fruitful happenings of my life to my dear Hostel.
Will be back in the same post with my life inside Hostel…………..

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sensational .......

It is a beautiful sunday and here it is what i had done today.A woman in transparent saree.I refered Shriya Saran's wedding affair magazines cover photo but Face was little bit difficult to sketch.I choose Shriya saran's photo because she is the only southIndian actress with best physique . I had planned to sketch my dad and my hostel life in the upcoming blogs.Hope you enjoy it.