Saturday, 7 September 2013

My Hostel life

I had already promised that I will be back with my Hostel life post and here it is for you. All of us who had a chance to be at hostel would have experienced those beautiful memories. The memories include happier birthday’s , cultural , Hostel day, and many fights. My hostel is where I  found my real power, strength and weakness. It helped me evolve to a real man. I learnt the meaning of real friendship, fake friendship, sharing and adaption to new environment. I fear that this is going to end as I am now pursuing my final year B.E Automobile Engineering. Though my hostel lack basic amenities, I still prefer hostel over home for the sole purpose of enjoying the real world-my world where I am free to explode. All will have to go on to the next part i.e. job , marriage, children ,etc. So  I dedicate my fruitful happenings of my life to my dear Hostel.
Will be back in the same post with my life inside Hostel…………..