Sunday, 8 September 2013

Phase 2 of ball point sketches

Its a awesome sunday and this good mood drives me mad to sketch and the picture of Priyanka Chopra posing model for a  jewelry deemed to be a perfect model for me.So this is what I have drawn.I am learning day by day and hope it fulfill my dreams.......Hit like if you like and encourage this tough young man.Meet you with my next venture.

As I had promised you here is my next venture.I found the watch ad in which the model seem to be very influencing hence I opted it to sketch.Hope you love it.
At last but not least , Here is my last art of the day.I finished it at 11.00pm.So I would like to share it here friends.Its non other than Squash sensation Deepika Pallical.Hope I sketched it decent.Still learning .........

Today I had made my ball point sketch after a long time and this is done in my class room during my free time.I had referred no photo but all from mu mind.

Date: 29/03/2014
Today I had sketched a wild hunter inspired from Rambo and I sketched  it using red ball point pen