Monday, 23 December 2013

Color pencil sketching

This is my first color pencil sketching after a long time and I made a sketch of my favorite car from the company"ASTON MARTIN" which is my favorite from my game NFS:Most Wanted.

This is my time to create one of my long waited sketch of my favorite art which I saw from a art community and i had tried it to do it with color pencils and hope I had justified it.

I had tried to sketch one of my favorite English country singer Taylor Swift using color pencils and i am in my developing phase.Take care friends and Merry Christmas to ALLL

This is one of my favorite color sketch and i thank the artist who had made the original model.

Today I made a sketch of a heroine  but couldnt get it right.I hope i would improve in future.

Today I opted to draw my favorite villian of Cinema history and it's none other than "THE JOKER" .THe man behind the makeup is Heath Ledger and may his soul rest in peace.

Today i had made a sketch inspired from fellow artist's work and thanks to SOMIAHDAGHER.

Today is a special day for me especially due to PONGAL CELEBRATIONS and I had a chance to sketch a model and i am happy with it but to be honest I doesn't know where to place this art.Whether in pencil sketching or color pencil work . So I am posting it here atlast.
Happy Pongal to all

Today i had made a fast sketch of lips and this would be my last sketch of my pongal holidays.

Today I had made a color sketch of Queen of POP "Madonna" and it's a great experience to sketch it

Today I had made my first characterization effort and this is my dream girl's first look. Hope to improve later.

Today I had made my new work on Deepika Padukone. I know that I failed to bring it real but I hope to improve in future.Practice makes a man perfect.

Today I had made an attempt to draw my favorite photo of a cute little girl and I am happy at my finished product.

Today I had made a sketch of actress:Anjelina Julie: and her eyes were the highlight of the image

Today I had sketched a girl and I dedicate it to all womens around the world.
Happy women's day

Today I drew with color after a long time and it turned too cool to sketch iguana.

Today I drew with color after a long time and it turned too cool to sketch a frog.

Today i had sketched a portrait of a model after a long time and i feel pleasure to handle color pencils to sketch.