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Pencil sketches that touched my heart

Hi Friends. This blog is going to be a heavenly ride for all the art lovers and especially pencil art lovers. I am a amateur artist playing with pencils and while surfing online and roaming around art communities/ Groups , I tend to see so much of art talents that brings so much of fascinating thoughts and joy in me. I see so much of talent being unrecognized hence I added few upcoming artists who looks promising to me. So I blog the artworks from great pencil artists around the world that made me happy and  I am pretty confident that it will make you happy too …

If you love art, make sure that you buckle up your seats. Are we ready for our ride?????????

Before moving forward, I would like to remind readers that all the artworks has been copyrighted and the artists who created them definitely needs a respect and  recognition. No "ARTWORK" may be published in any media form without the artist consent.


1) I am happy to introduce you- Mrs. Karen Hull. Karen Hull is a fulltime artist / illustrator, who specializes in photorealistic work in a range of subjects and mediums but particularly using Coloured pencils and mixed media. She is a member of many leading art associations and won many prestigious awards. She is versatile in this art arena and specializes in portraits, miniature artworks, animal portraits, still life art and the list goes endless.

 Karen Hull- Mighty Queen with Pencil as Sword

This picture always lure me. Great play with color pencil.

This cat has a unique and powerful eyes and has so many meanings in its eys

This is a classical example for his human portraiture excellence. Can you guess the old man's emotion?

"Who wants a bread with jam in this condition"- Its so realistic that many people thought that it was an real picture.
Mrs. Karen Hull:Website

2) I am pretty happy to introduce Mrs. Ester Roi - An Artistic force from California and you will feel jealous for her talent. A women power (Ester Roi - Artist and Inventor) that can win your hearts with her outstanding artworks especially artworks inspired from water + subject combo. She quotes that “My art is characterized by brilliant colors and an ongoing fascination with natural objects surrounded or immersed in water.”

Mrs. Ester Roi- The Queen of water

Its a heavenly experience to watch her artworks. Did you ever admired the beauty of nature? Ester Roi unveils the true beauty of nature. In this artwork, Ester played with pencils to create a great capture in a lively way. 

Pebbles??? Yes Its a treat to watch this artwork and its depicting the true beauty of colors.

Ester Roi: Website

3) Next on the list is an emerging artist from Morocco- Mr. Hodayfa Benassar with a great passion towards pencil sketching and he calls himself "Graphite Artist" . He has a unique style and his works speaks for himself.

 Mr.  Hodayfa Benassar- Graphite Artist

The creator definitely brought out the best interms of quality and her eyes lures me.

Great play of light and shadow in this artwork which makes it special.

 No one would forget this character and its EYE's- It always have a message in its look.

Mr.  Hodayfa Benassar webpage: Fb art page

4) Mr. Ronses Saban Sahroni- Man with unique style in his artworks which makes me pick him and his artworks are so soft and gentle which makes it so beautiful. His technique of playing between light and shadow makes it perfect. He  resides at Indonesia with fine passion for pencil artworks.

Mr. Ronses Saban Sahroni- Uniqueness is all i can say

 His flawless works always amazes me and i admire a lot from him.I have no words to express my feelings but only heart to love his artworks which always stand unique in a group.

Tribal Women- He brought out the real look and culture in this artwork with great realism.

Which one is beautiful? Rose or Women? 
I couldn't select between them.

This sketch  definitely empowers his uniqueness

Ever in love with a women?

"I don't hate women - they just sometimes make me mad."- Eminem

One of his outstanding artwork on old man which makes him master.
Mr. Ronses Saban Sahroni: Fb Art Page(Ronses Art)


5) Next on the list is a special one –Mr. Yugandharbhamare – An artist residing in Mumbai suburbs and a mechanical engineering graduate who got a unending thirst for art works. He initially started this as hobby and now he had turned out to be a great successful freelancer. He is an versatile artist who can work wonders with pencil, watercolor, acrylic, clay, wall art and digital too.

Mr. Yugandharbhamare- Man with many faces

Eminem- Man with Mic

 "Dogs never bite me - just humans."- Marilyn Monroe

Now its your turn to feed your eyes with Yugandharbamare's Color pencil artworks. I must accept that fact that he is truly evolving to a complete master with pencil sketching.

Yugandharbamare has really given a divine touch to his master piece. Its truly invoking spiritual side of everyone.

Ever walked alone in dark? This could be the picture perfect work beautifully carved out in paper. 

Is there a special relationship between animals and human beings? Yes, we often forget the fact that we too are animals. In my view, it truly brings a harmony and possibilities of human living along  with other creatures and not living over the creatures. 

Nature is true gift from god. So don't question them and lets enjoy it from heart.

Mr. Yugandharbhamare: Art Page  Website

6) Next on the line is Mr. Anil Ayyakutty who had dedicated his life by choosing doctor as profession and turned his rest of the time for his art passion. You will be loving to see his artworks as it has some special flavor to it and note that he was an follower of Ester Roi and he is working on his upcoming project titled: MIRAGE with same technique used by Ester Roi and you can check it in his Fb art page.

Mr. Anil Ayyakutty- Doctor cum Artist

His work with pencil seems like a magic wand to create happy in all artforms.
Art is his passion and he makes sure that nothing comes in its way.

This artwork makes me fascinated. Its a beauty to see such masterness with pencil sketching

That is an beautiful artwork on Indian Pickle and it looks Yummy.

His latest artwork themed MIRAGE is his master piece and i would like to showcase you a artwork that you would never find anywhere. Great realism unveiled in this artwork.

Anil Ayyakutty: Fb Artpage

7) Here comes the upcoming artist residing in India – Mr. Nibin Raj who can carve artworks at ease. He is handy in both traditional artforms and digital art which makes him a good bet for future. He is illustrator and digital painter from Calicut, Kerala who Have ability to adapt any medium and style to the qualities of the drawings.

Mr. Nibin Raj- Realistic portrait maker

Realistic color portraits is his specialty. 
Nibin Arts: Fb Artpage

8) Mr. Rathi Biswas who has a special affinity towards pen art but note that he is a born artist with pencils too. His portraits with color pencils so beautiful as it was alive. He is  residing at Calcutta and now has huge love for artworks.

Mr. Rathi Biswas- Pen King

 Harry Potter 

Jack Sparrow

Mr. Rathi Biswas: fb artpage

Last but not least here is the man(Mr. ketan Kshirsagar) who i admire a lot and his artworks make me go crazy. He is too good at pencil artworks and the rest of the truth will be unveiled if you check out his great artworks. He is emerging artist residing at Thane, India.

Mr. ketan Kshirsagar- Face of Emerging India

His high detailed pencil sketching and love for Indian roots is the cause for picking him.

A man who carries hopes of crores of people when he enters the football stadium.
"You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it."- Messi

We may be the last generation who were born with siblings.
 ketan has captured the best moment between the brothers with his graphite pencil. His elegance makes it looks stunning.

Mr. ketan Kshirsagar: fb Artpage

Thanks for all the artists who gave me permission to share their artworks. If you want to check their artworks, Click the link provided under their artworks.
You can catch me at Fb Profile and feel free to roam around My art page. Encourage this little fellow please!