Saturday, 8 February 2014

( A way to learn from mistakes)

Hi friends,
Most of them don't want to hold their scrap artworks( includes rough sketches, practiced ones and some of them may be a unfinished one) but I feel that they have a strong part in building you as a perfect artist.
Today I had watched a video on sketching Female body construction and tried my part in it and these comes under rough sketches. So here they are

Date: 04/04/2014
Today I had made a decision to learn from basics and I started to learn on how to sketch "eyes" using a tutorial from deviantart. Thanks to unknown artist who posted this awesome tutorial.

An experimentation with what I had learnt:

Date: 5/4/14
Today I had learned the basics of sketching the face and proportions with specialty in nose..

Today I had sketched different views of eyes which I learned from 
book named"Portrait Drawing" by Wenden Blake and John Lawn.


Different hair styles