Monday, 17 February 2014

Full scale Model Artworks

Hi friends. Today I had tried to sketch a full scale model of a photo featuring Shriya saran walking on a Ramp in Lehanga. I Love it............

Today i had managed to sketch a Modified model of Final Fantasy Lightening and I am pretty happy about it

Today I am very happy that my character came out very well. I took the reference of Final fantasy Lightening
character and changed it to my view.

Today I had tried to sketch on my own without any reference picture and this is a model of a football player.

Date: 08/04/2014
 Today I had sketched a long time favorite picture of shriya saran in half saree. I love it to the core

This is my first sketch after my college life.I drew a elephant for the first time. So excited to sketch it.

Today I had sketched my own version of female warrior. 

Today I drew my favorite character Emilia clarke of GOT fame and it turned to be a best sketching 

today I am so happy that I drew my favorite football player Mr. David Beckam using graphite as tool

Date: 25/7/14
 Today i drew my favorite character from the Indian epic kARNAN- THE LEGEND(MY WAY)