Sunday, 18 January 2015

Into the world of Ballpointpen art

Hi Friends,
This time I had come up with a brief on how to draw with ballpointpen artworks. Like many of you, I too stumbled at ball point artworks at one point of time when I was in love with graphite and charcoal artworks. But as soon as I explore more into ball point artworks, the raw power of ballpoint artworks lured me towards it. Then I joined many fellow ball point art social networking pages and learned a lot. Practice makes a man perfect – This proverb aptly fits this medium of artwork.  I take this opportunity to all friends especially Rathi Biswas, Jerry stith(The ball point legend), Karen Hull, Jane mam, Ester roi mam who consistently supported me to grow as an artist.
There are many ways to attain texture but I follow cross hatching technique and uni-directional sketching which is my favorite of all. In this blog, I will show you on how to attain good tone and texture on your artwork. Following artwork was made by using only two pens(Red and black).

In this above artwork, you can see that I had used cross hatching to attain the texture but the secret lies how you approach it. In ball point artworks, especially in portraiture, go in step by step manner so that you don’t make any mistakes. 
  • If you get the outline right you can pull the realism in later steps.
  • So the most important thing is to attain the structure and position of parts. 
  • Always start with the lighter tone.  i.e Give little pressure to the paper.
  • Observation is the key to succeed in your artwork. Note down the lighter areas and finish it all.
  • Your stroke of pen is very important. Go on over and over again on places where you want to attain darker tone.
  • Now use black pen to give darker tones on shadow parts.
  • Leave the white space to give a reflecting effect.                                                                             Be patience. Go on over and over again to  attain the result. Confidence plays a main role in doing ballpoint artworks.Practice more and you will be blown away by the result.

Following  is an step by step procedure to approach ballpointpen sketching. Hope you enjoy it.