Monday, 7 April 2014

Sketch + ballpen ===>

Date: 06/04/2014
Today I had sketched a Demon with my favorite black sketch and Red ball point pen. I initially dont know where the sketching will end but at the end I am pretty happy with the output

Date: 07/04/2014
Today I had made a sketch of laughing Buddha in my own way and my own style.Hope you like and support

Date: 07/04/2014
Today I had made a sketch of lovely Shriya  in lehanga with her lovely style.Hope you like and support

Today I drew a fantastic artwork portrait where a groom and bride holds hands together.

Today I tried to sketch a cartoon character on my own.

Today I had sketched eye in a upclose look.

Today I drew aanime and it really came out well

Hitler- The other side of Hitler is that he was an artist who loved to do it as profession but Vienna fine arts college rejected him because his works were influenced by Architecture. May be if the art school had accepted him , He would have been an artist and not an Dictator.

Today I drew a Resident evil wallpaper and it really came out well. I am getting addicted towards Ball Point pen

Today I am super happy that i am improving a lot with ball pen . Here is my artwork on BABY with Karen Hull's art as reference

Today is my day and i love it to see my final output of the artwork

Today i tried to draw a girl on water but the output of my artwork is so unexpected. It turned to be beautiful but not a depiction of my reference. But I am happy.

Today I drew a traditional girl at a kitchen scenario and i am getting well with the ball point pen

Today I drew my all time lovely actress #SHRIYASARAN and its none other than a snapshot from the film Shivaji the BOSS

Today i drew my all time Indian Leader Mr.Subhash Chandra bose- Founder of Indian national Army.
Today I thought that i should try my hand on ball point artwork with background and i ended up with drawing WALL E- the great character.


Today I drew the NEYTRI character from the film "AVATAR" directed by James Cameroon  which used Motion Capture technology to the core.Love this film and I dedicate to all Avatar Fans.

The best of my artwork is the drawing of bathing baby. This idea popped in me after i saw a artwork of Anil Ayyakutty. I love the outcome of the artwork. 

I drew this artwork on the eve of Diwali. Its a artwork on one of my favorite actress SRIDIVYA and it really came out well .

Eye- The unresistable organ which an aryist always loves to draw.

Shriya at SIIMA awards. Shriya saran dazzled the floor at SIIMA awards function which forced me to drew her.

I tried to blend colors in this artwork and it really came out well this time.

I always admire indian women and its my dedicated artwork for all Indian Women.

This is an artwork which made me realize myself as an artist. I am so proud of myself. This time i tried all things that i learned throughout my art journey and it came out flawless.